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Amazing Laser Craft Projects Tags: laser engraver cutters The laser engraver is one of the most popular tools for artists and artisans of all types. Able to cut fine lines and intrica

The laser engraver is one of the most popular tools for artists and artisans of all types. Able to cut fine lines and intricate designs in a wide array of materials, laser cutters allow artists to create virtually any pattern, texture, or image they have in mind. Those who have never used one may be asking what can you laser cut with a laser cutter? Read on to get some exciting laser cutter ideas.

Etched Photos

To create a really stunning gift, try etching a grayscale photograph into wood, glass, or stone (just a few of the possible materials). Etching creates an amazing three-dimensional effect that makes an image pop, especially on wood. An laser-etched photo could be the perfect wedding memento, portrait, or even vacation souvenir. It's also a great way to render a sketch or painting.

3D Models

Another useful application of a laser cutter is making 3D models, typically from a light-weight wood like balsa or bamboo. Popular projects include dollhouses and other toys for children, architectural models, and even educational materials, like puzzle maps and organizers. Hobbyists have designed unique board games and even musical instruments with laser cutting tools.


Laser cutters are used to make all kinds of signs, from decorative indoor plaques to outdoor signs for businesses. Etching text into a material like wood, aluminum, acrylic, or polycarbonate yields an attractive sign that will last far longer than a printed sign, whose ink can fade or be damaged by weather. Many businesses opt for a laser-etched sign in order to stand out from the competition.

Rubber Stamps

A laser cutter can also be used to create personalized rubber stamps. Teachers, businesses, and artists can enjoy creating unique designs and etching them into stamps that can be used over and over again. A fume extraction unit can be a great accessory for this particular application since rubber has a strong odor when it is burned.

Etched Glass

Etching an image onto a glass surface creates a beautiful, delicate design. Some of the most popular glass items to etch include wine glasses, shot glasses, ornaments, jars, vases, and plaques. These can make lovely, artistic gifts or professional-looking awards.

A laser cutter is an extremely precise cutting tool that turns out satisfying projects. Compared with other cutting methods, a laser wastes less material and lasts longer, since a laser beam doesn't degrade with use. It is so versatile that it can be used to carve stone, metal, fabric, and even food. Check out this site for more excellent laser cutting applications.



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